Tomomi Kono, Keita Watanabe (2017)


We propose a novel shape-changing technique called Filum※, which makes it possible to alter the shapes of textiles to better suit the requirements of people and the environment. Using strings and various sewing methods, ordinary textiles can be automatically shortened or shrunk into curved shapes.

※ Filum means “String” in Latin.


In current digital textiles studies, since clothes made from specialized experimental fabric has been used in actual use, it is necessary to replace a section of the cloth with a specialized fabric, or to use a thick digital fabric.


Filum is a string to change the shapes of textiles as described above. Filum has a French knot on one end and is connected to a motor at the opposite end. Monitoring data such as proximity sensors and temperature sensors, the shape of textiles can be automatically altered. Filum enables applications that are unfeasible with ordinary textiles, such as automatic temperature-based length adjustment (described in Readjustable Skirt below). Additionally, Filum can be removed from textile if it becomes unnecessary, so it can be returned to normal textile.

Our Approach


Filum: A Sewing Technique to Alter Textile Shapes ( doi: 10.1145/3131785.3131797 )